Turn to Our Family When Your Family Needs Water

Having your own well is a necessity when you live outside a city water system. It can be freeing when you don’t have to worry about city water bills. It can be healthier and often tastier than municipal water. It can also be a big headache when your well has problems.

Residential Well Services

Home owners across the Central Valley call us when:

  • Their well has stopped working.
  • They’re looking to upgrade their watering system.
  • There’s a decline in water pressure.
  • They are building a new home.
  • There’s air in the water lines.
  • There’s been a hard freeze and there’s no water.
  • When their tap water is dirty or smells.
  • Their water pressure is lower.

We’ve installed over 2,500 domestic wells and repaired or worked on thousands more in Madera and Fresno County since 1976.

If you have any of these issues or just have a question about your residential well installation or maintenance, call us at (559) 441-1401.

Fortunately, residential domestic wells need very little service, but when there’s a problem, you want service fast.  We’ll keep you informed through each step of the work process and we stand 100% behind our service, regardless of the time or cost to us.

Call us to find out how our multiple teams and rigs make it easy for us to respond and take care of your residential water problem quickly.

Building a New Home?

If you’re building a new home, call and let us check our enormous water level database for you. We’ve collected data from around the Central Valley for more than 40 years. We’re happy to advise you, for free, on your potential water levels.

Agricultural, Environmental, & Commercial Well Services

We have over 31 years of experience in specialized drilling and environmental testing. One of the best parts about being in business for so long is getting to know our customers and building long-lasting relationships, especially in agriculture where farms get passed on to the next generation.

We’re also able to handle multiple, commercial projects because of our extensive equipment inventory. For example, we have five mud and one reverse circulation drilling rigs. Our commercial services include:

  • Test hole drilling.
  • Monitoring wells.
  • Air development of wells.
  • Wireline coring and more.

We have 31 years of experience in specialized drilling as a company. Our average team member has been with the company for more than 7 years. This depth of experience has given our team the experience and knowledge to be able to tackle unexpected and changing on-site challenges to provide a solution for any of your agricultural, environmental, or commercial well-drilling, testing, or maintenance needs.


Groundwater Management Districts

Municipalities & City Water Management Departments

Engineering Firms

Agricultural Water Delivery Agencies

Dairies, Wineries, & Other Agricultural Business

Commercial & Residential Developers

Find our why the largest cities, engineers, and farms trust us for their most difficult and environmentally delicate water-well drilling and testing needs.  Call us at (559) 441-1401.


Walking onto a recent jobsite in a shopping center, my first impression of the Bradley & Sons crew was one of unexpected sensitivity, an awareness of their surroundings and a identifiable goal of minimal disruption. While this job was in a comfortable upper-middle class neighborhood, they are accustomed to other locations like yards, fields and municipalities.

The rig was drilling and…