Who Our Clients Are

Our clients include groundwater management districts, municipalities and city water management departments, engineering firms, agricultural water delivery agencies, dairies, wineries, and other agricultural business, and commercial and residential developers.

We recently constructed a series of wells along the Kings River that are used to sample the water all around the valley. This state-mandated program for all water districts was created to give them a way to better understand what’s going on below the ground. Bradley & Sons drilled ten wells where the water scientists and managers will be able to go in, take samples, monitor water quality, and measure increases or decreases in the water table

Kings River California Groundwater Management Program
RMT, Inc.
Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District
City of Tracy
City of Bakersfield
City of Porterville
Provost & Pritchard, Inc.
BSK & Associates
Kenneth D. Schmidt & Associates, (Hydrologist)
Westland Water District
Boyle Engineering Corp.
John Carollo Engineer
Blair, Church, & Flynn Consulting Engineers
ERM West, Inc.
Luhdorff & Scalmanini
Geomatrix Consultants
Fugro West, Inc.
Camp Dresser & Mckee, Inc.
Kern Water Bank
Wood Rodgers
Granite Bay Capital
West Kern Water District
City of Tulare
CA Dairies
Paul Masson Winery
URS Corp.
Fresno Irrigation District
Soquel Creek Water District
United Water District
UC Davis Dairy Nitrate Study
Seaside Basin, Sea Water Intrusion
KB Homes
D.R. Horton
McDonald Homes
McCaffrey Homes
Lennar Homes

What It's Like to Work with Bradley & Sons

“Walking onto a recent jobsite in a shopping center, my first impression of the Bradley & Sons crew was one of unexpected sensitivity, an awareness of their surroundings and the goal of minimal disruption. While this job was in a neighborhood, they’re also accustomed to other locations like yards, fields and municipalities.

“The rig was drilling. Out of the ground and into the slough came pebbles, sand, mud, and of course, water. The workers analyzed the “mud” and disposed it into special mud disposal containers. This particular well was shallow, around 150’. They were checking for suspected ground water contamination from a leaky sewer line. A simple job for the Bradley & Sons rigs, which drill at any level from 20 to 1500+ feet.

“The geologist engineer was on site and after studying the log, he selected two levels for water sampling. Using the crews trimming capability, multiple seals would be inserted between and above the sampling levels to guarantee a quality sampling. This well-clustering is cost effective, in some cases eliminating the need to drill multiple sampling wells.

“I asked about other uses for direct mud rotary drilling and was introduced to existing well development. Bradley & Sons uses a combination of jetting, swabbing, brushing, airlifting, and pumping to revive a previously poor producing well. They also locate water for new wells and are trained to handle hazardous material operations.

“Talking with the site engineer, I asked why he selected Bradley & Sons for this job. His answer was quick and sure. “They don’t cut corners—they do it right. They listen. They know what they’re doing and they have a good reputation.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

“At the end of the day, the site was cleaned, barricaded and photos were taken – for the record”

-Debilyn Molineaux

Our Commercial & Technical Services

Test hole drilling

To depths of 1500 plus feet with the associated environmental logs

Monitoring wells

Of 2” to 8” to depth of 1500 plus feet

Pump and well inspections

For new home purchases and housing tract projects

Well de-watering

Wireline coring – 94mm

This versatile system allows us to core to greater depths and get representative samples. Often used in tracking and testing for contaminated ground water.

Nested Well Completions

Up to four wells in one hole, for huge cost and space savings.

Well development

Using air development

Environmental well drilling & pump installation

Water sample collection

Well rehabilitation

Hydropunch water sampling

Pushed or driven to the desired sample depth, the hydropunch utilizes an air-tight and water-tight sealed intake screen and sample chamber which is isolated from the surrounding environment as the tool is advanced. The tight seals enable us to collect discrete samples from a specific depths by sealing off ground water from above and below the sample zone.

Our commercial, agricultural, and environmental services can be as complex as helping a client develop completely new ag land, building exploratory wells for city expansions, testing wells for salt intrusion along the coast, or as simple as removing ants in a pressure switch.

Call us for your next commercial, agricultural, or environmental water testing and monitoring project at 559-441-1401